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Quirky T Examines Representative Love Songs

Starship T-shirt


Quirky T has some post Valentine’s Day musical observations. Where I work love songs are played constantly since a high percentage of pop songs from the 80’s to today are love songs. My workplace playlist regularly plays Billy Joel, Richard Marx, Peter Cetera, and Elton John so love songs are highly represented on a daily basis. The plus side of the daily repetition is I enjoy these artists. On an almost daily basis, I can also hear two (love) songs from one of my faves, Huey Lewis (“Do You Believe in Love?” and “Happy to be Stuck with You”). I can also hear a favorite (love) song from my favorite movie – The Proclaimers “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” from “Benny and Joon”. So the only way I realized that the music selection had changed to a Valentine theme a few days before the holiday was when I heard Nat King Cole’s “When I Fall in Love”. It definitely stuck out among the more modern music. It’s interesting that even though mostly every song being played was a love song, the music programmers thought they had to dig deep decades before the 80’s to find true love songs. It got me excited that maybe next I would hear some Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin. I didn’t. Nat King Cole was the anomaly. The other “Valentine’s songs” were from the 80’s to today and included Starship’s “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.”

Cloud 9 CD cover

I found it interesting when all the possible love songs in the world are narrowed down to just three songs to represent this incredibly large and diverse genre. A store sold musical balloons for Valentine’s Day with only a choice of three songs – “Got My Mind Set on You” the George Harrison version,   “You’re the One that I Want” from the movie “Grease”, and “Hooked on a Feeling”. Of course I prefer the George Harrison song but I don’t think it’s his most romantic song. “Something” and “Old Brown Shoe” come to mind before that cover song. The song from “Grease” is fun but problematic when you consider the scene from the movie where the song appears. Danny makes positive changes to his life to impress Sandy such as giving up smoking and exercising. While Sandy takes up smoking and dressing slutty to attract Danny. So who really is the one that they want? The one who they really are or the one that they become to impress each other? “Hooked on a Feeling” is not the most romantic song as it is more about lust than romantic, lasting love. Plus, whenever I hear that song, I think of the dancing baby on the TV show “Ally McBeal”.

Hallmark, the greeting card company, actually sold vinyl 45 records with their Valentine greeting cards. The three records chosen were Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are”/”Marry You”,  Aretha Frankin’s “Respect”/”Think”, and INXS’ “Need You Tonight”/”Never Tear Us Apart”. Again, I am not sure these are the best love songs to represent all love songs. Even being limited to just Atlantic Records recording artists would yield a huge amount of love songs. (For example, my favorite Phil Collins who released a compilation actually called “Love Songs”). The Bruno Mars songs are appropriate, romantic, and current. The Aretha Franklin songs are more warnings to men than love songs. “Need You Tonight” like “Hooked on a Feeling” is more about lust than love. While “Never Tear Us Apart” seems romantically appropriate. I’m surprised that INXS was included with the amazing Bruno Mars and the legendary Aretha Franklin. If not for the quirky fact that my workplace actually plays those two INXS songs on an almost daily basis, I probably wouldn’t have heard those songs since they came out thirty years ago.


Songs do send messages so the musical balloons or records with the greeting cards given to a sweetheart on Valentine’s Day could be a way of sending a message that may not be as romantic as the occasion calls for. Of course it’s hard to narrow down a huge genre to less than 10 representative songs. I just found it interesting which songs were chosen to represent that love.


Guitar Train passengers, what three songs would you choose to represent Valentine’s Day?



Beatles’ Movies Month – “A Hard Day’s Night”

All this month on The Guitar Train, Quirky T will be looking at Beatles movies. It’s so great that the band made these films so that all these years later, we have something to look back on that captures them from those periods of time. I’d say the movies are the modern equivalents of long form music videos but even more modernly, they are the equivalents of You Tube videos. The films The Beatles made have been reviewed and dissected millions of times over the decades, so I’m just going to take a quick look at them.

A Hard Day's Night album cover

This week’s station stop is The Beatles’ first movie, “A Hard Day’s Night” from 1964. I had first seen this movie decades ago. I enjoyed re-watching it since it is such a great depiction of Beatlemania. The film really recreates the chaos, claustrophobia, and frantic pace of that time for the group. It also really captures the personalities and wit of the Fab Four.

Ringo from "A Hard Day's Night"

The scene where the whole band is having fun and being silly in the field while “Can’t Buy Me Love” plays is a favorite. Another favorite scene is when Ringo escapes and is chivalrous with his coat while “This Boy” plays. Of course any scene containing a Beatles song is a great scene.

George from "A Hard Day's Night"

The DVD I watched included numerous extras which I found interesting. In the supplemental feature called “Listen to the Music Playing in Your Head”, Beatles producer George Martin said he regrets not encouraging George Harrison more with his songwriting. He actually apologizes to George and calls “Something” “one of the best love songs ever written”.


Another interesting supplemental feature was “Dressed to the Hilt” where the tailor son of the tailor who made the Beatles suits displayed the actual suit patterns and suits. It’s amazing that they have kept the patterns all these years later. The fact that suits were made for the band illustrates the differences between then and now where male singers wear casual clothes that certainly aren’t custom designed for them.

back of "A Hard Day's Night" album

Guitar Train passengers, what are you favorite scenes from “A Hard Day’s Night”?


The next stop on The Guitar Train’s Beatles’ Movies Month is “Help!”. So hop aboard to reminisce about the Beatles’ second film.

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