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Quick Station Stop – Photos in a Song

Beatles framed photos

While Quirky T was preparing to write the Guitar Train stop about Ringo Starr’s solo work, his song “Photograph” became stuck in her head. That led me to think of other songs about photographs. Here is a list of songs by my favorite musicians which contain lyrics about photos or pictures.



1. “Photograph” – Ringo Starr
2. “Do You Believe in Love” – Huey Lewis and the News
3. “Home by the Sea” – Genesis
4. “Mental Picture” – Jon Secada
5. “Your Picture” – Gloria Estefan


framed Gloria Estefan photo

It’s interesting to me that many of the songs deal with the nostalgic aspects of photos. The photos remind the singers of the person depicted and lead to a longing for a person who is no longer with them. This is the case in Ringo Starr’s, Jon Secada’s, and Gloria Estefan’s songs. Although Jon Secada’s song is not about an actual, physical photo of his beloved. Huey Lewis and the News have a twist on this as the woman in the photograph has become a real presence in the singer’s life. In the Genesis song, the photos are similes for everyday life.


framed Jon Secada CD cover

Guitar Train passengers, can you think of any songs that contain lyrics about photos or pictures? Are they all sadly nostalgic references or are any of them happy?


Favorites Month: Huey Lewis and the News

All this month, Quirky T has been conducting the Guitar Train to stop at each of her all time favorite musicians. The last destination is Huey Lewis and the News.



Huey Lewis concert T-shirt
First Stop (The First Time I Heard Their Music)
The first Huey Lewis and the News song I ever heard was 1983’s “The Heart of Rock & Roll”. It is probably the band’s most famous song, even now, 30 years later.



Sports - original cover
Second Stop (What I Did Next)
After hearing that song, I bought the album that “The Heart of Rock & Roll” is on, “Sports”, in cassette tape format. On an interesting track, I ended up buying “Sports” several times as I bought it on cassette tape twice (the first tape broke from playing it so much), CD, and it’s now on my iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano.

My friends and I made our own music videos to songs from “Sports” by acting out the parts of Huey Lewis and the other band members. In 1986, I got the band’s next album, “Fore!”, followed by “Hard At Play” in 1991 (the first one I bought only on CD).




Repeated Destinations (Favorite Song and Album)
Until this year, my favorite Huey Lewis and the News album was “Fore!” It has since changed to “Sports” as I noted in my post “The Guitar Train Stops at a Huey Lewis and the News Concert.”

My favorite Huey Lewis and the News song is 1982’s “Do You Believe in Love”  from the album, “Picture This.” My second favorite song is the hard rocker “Couple Days Off” from 1991’s “Hard At Play”.

My favorite Huey Lewis and the News music video is for “I Want a New Drug”  which follows Huey as he prepares for a concert. One very memorable shot comes in the beginning of the video as Huey plunges his face into a sink full of ice water to wake himself up. The camera angle on that shot is amazing.


Now Departing (What Non-Fans Say about Them)
Huey Lewis and the News seem to be made fun of in the same manner as Phil Collins is – for no real reason. As with Phil Collins, I think it’s a case where dislikers should listen to the music before they judge it and make snarky comments about the band.

Ironically, one time the band is praised and put in the spotlight is during a brutal murder scene in the movie “American Psycho.” I first became aware of this a few months ago when I heard about Huey Lewis himself and Weird Al parodying the scene from the movie on the website “Funny or Die”. It is funny scene (and only gory at the end). I then watched the original which is brutally violent and disturbing while offering an insightful commentary on Huey Lewis and the News’ career.  I decided to go to the source material so I borrowed from the library the Bret Easton Ellis book which the movie is based. I immediately read the chapters on Huey Lewis and the News, Genesis, and Whitney Houston. They are all well written and have a great knowledge of the subjects. I don’t know how they tie into the brutal murder or the plot of the novel since the rest of the novel is too disturbing for me to read. I admit that this is truly a case where I have taken the Huey Lewis bit out of context but I really can’t make myself read the rest of the book.




Huey Lewis t-shirt 2013
Conducting This Train (Why They Will Always be my Favorites)
Whenever I hear a Huey Lewis and the News song, I smile. Their music is good, up tempo, and fun. I like the fact that not all their songs are love songs. Also, only a few of their love songs are happy-in-love-songs; others are more realistic. I like that Huey plays a happy harmonica, not a whiny, sad harmonica. Having a horn section in a rock band impresses me. I’m also a fan of the band’s vocal harmonies.

I look forward to the possibility of a CD of new songs from the band. For thirty years, I have been a fan and I will continue to be a fan.




Huey Lewis concert ticket 2013
All Aboard (Why I Wish Others Would Listen to Them and Where to Start)
When I was in the elevator of the hotel at Harrah’s Resort Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey last month, the young (early 20’s) security guard asked me why I was at the hotel. When I told him I had come to see the Huey Lewis and the News concert at the hotel, he said he had never seen Huey Lewis perform or even heard one of their songs. The only thing he knew about the band was the scene from “American Psycho”. It made me sad to think he has never heard their music and felt the enjoyment I have felt.




Huey Lewis Greatest Hits
So for Huey Lewis and the News newcomers and dislikers, in addition to listening to “Sports” and “Fore!”, the CD I would recommend is “Huey Lewis and the News Greatest Hits and Videos” released in 2006. Besides the band’s over thirty years of greatest hits, it contains some of their fun music videos.


Official Track
For more information, check out Their official You Tube music videos are from emimusic.


Guitar Train passengers, what do you think about the criticism or snarky comments made about your favorite musicians?




Next month, hop aboard the Guitar Train as Quirky T celebrates Happy Month in October.

The Guitar Train Stops at a Huey Lewis and the News Concert!!!

Quirky T was so excited to travel on the Guitar Train to Atlantic City, New Jersey last Friday to see Huey Lewis and the News in concert at Harrah’s Resort Casino.  So to answer the question pondered in my April 11, 2013 post, ( it is not the end of seeing live concerts by my favorite performers.  And I’m so glad it isn’t.  The concert was AMAZING!!!

Huey Lewis concert ticket 2013

I was so happy and lucky to be there.  My seat was in the 7th row!  I’ve never been that close to the stage.  I was so close that I could that Huey Lewis didn’t button the bottom button on his shirt.  Later on, I could see the sweat spots on the front of his and guitarist James Harrah’s shirts.

cu Huey Lewis Sports poster

The concert started with the song “The Heart of Rock & Roll” as the band played their 1983 album, “Sports”, in its entirety to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its release.  This is the first concert I’ve ever attended where an entire album was played from beginning to end.  I know Bruce Springsteen fans are used to this but, as I wrote in my August 15, 2013 post, “The Guitar Train Stops at Ticketmaster”, ( I’ve never been to a Bruce Springsteen concert.  At this concert, I was especially excited to hear the songs “Bad is Bad”, “Walking on a Thin Line”, and “Finally Found a Home” played live for the first time.  Those songs as well as the other non-hit singles played live did not disappoint.

The first standing ovation came after the fourth song, “I Want a New Drug”. This song ended the first side of “Sports” and Huey said it was time to flip the record over so to speak and play the second side of the album.  He called the first side “the video side” and the second side “the rocking side.”  Side two started with “Walking on a Thin Line” which the band wrote for Vietnam Vets and now dedicates to all Vets.

Throughout the concert, Huey was the essence of cool.  He moved around to all sides of the stage along with his microphone stand.  He played his harmonica attached to a string.  I love his harmonica playing since he plays a happy harmonica, not a sad, depressing, twangy harmonica.  It goes perfectly with his rocking, mostly upbeat, non ballad songs.  This was definitely a rocking concert with barely any lulls.  Listening to “Sports” repeatedly in preparation for this concert, has made me change my favorite Huey Lewis and the News album from “Fore” to “Sports”.  I definitely did not change back after hearing the entire album performed live for the first time.

After he finished playing all of “Sports”, Huey paused to clean his cool blue tinted glasses.  People shouted out requests for what the band should play next.  If I was a shouter, I would have shouted out “Couple Days Off”.  I would have loved to hear that song live; it’s quite a rocker.  Huey listened to the requests but said he wanted to play what he wanted which was a new song called “While We’re Young”.  While he was introducing the song, he asked if the audience could pretend they liked it whether they did or not.  I liked it and I hope the band does release a whole new album of original songs like Huey has mentioned in interviews as a possibility.

Sports poster in hotel

After the new song came the first song the band ever wrote together, 1978’s “Trouble in Paradise”.  Throughout the concert, Huey asked the audience to clap.  I always dread that since I can’t clap to the beat.  That might explain some of my guitar playing problems – not being able to keep time.  On the subject of guitar playing, Huey seemed to really enjoy listening to all the musicians’ solos.  I was blown away by the fact that Johnny Colla played both the saxophone and the guitar during the concert.  Very talented.  The next two songs the band played were cover songs – “Some Kind of Wonderful” and “But It’s Alright”.  They then played “We’re Not Here for a Long Time (We’re Here for a Good Time)” before leaving the stage for a very quick break.

Huey Lewis and the News came back in force to finish up the concert with “The Power of Love”, “Do You Believe in Love”, and “Workin’ For a Livin’”.  The audience was on their feet from before the break until the very end.  Huey was fist pumping with the fans in the first row during most of the last three songs.  He really seemed to be enjoying himself.    He jokingly said that as a Friday special for everyone who buys the newly remastered CD of “Sports” that night at the venue, he will come to their houses and mow their lawns.

One of the great things about going to concerts is hearing different lyrics or arrangements of songs.  For “Bad is Bad”, Huey had to change the lyrics to reflect price increases.  So the price at the all you can eat restaurant increased from 1983’s $1.99 to $5.99.  The arrangement of “Do You Believe In Love” changed as Huey sang all the lines without back-up singers.  (Just like I do when I sing along to the song at home).  He also had the audience sing the chorus.  (I don’t do that when I sing at home, probably because I don’t have an audience).

Huey Lewis t-shirt 2013

In conclusion, Huey Lewis and the News put on an absolutely amazing concert.  The only compliant I have is the same complaint I made after the other two times I’ve been to their concerts – the concerts are too short.  The band only played for 1 ½ hours.  They have so many more songs that they could have played to make the concert at least 30 minutes longer.  I wonder why their concerts are so short.

One more note, closer is definitely better.  Since it was such a small venue, only seating 1,205, there weren’t any video screens showing close-ups of the band.    Since Huey really interacted with the fans right in front of him, some of his facial expressions and gestures probably could not be seen by the fans in the upper levels.  Quirky T, in my lucky seventh row seat, could see everything.  That great seat has definitely spoiled me for other concerts but it’s not like there’s anyone left for me to see in concert anyway.  I loved, loved, loved this concert.  I’m so lucky and happy I was able to attend it.    I am so greedy that I’m already hoping I can see Huey Lewis and the News again next summer.

sunset in Atlantic City, NJ

sunset in Atlantic City, NJ

Guitar Train passengers, what’s the closest seat to the stage you have ever had at a concert?  How did it add to your enjoyment of the concert?

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