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Fave Dance Songs for Quirky T’s Fave Month


Welcome, Guitar Train passengers, to my favorite month – October! I’ve written in the past about why October is my favorite month. Check out this Guitar Train stop which explains why. To add to those reasons, October is my favorite month because it leads into the best time period of every year – the holidays in November and December. So let’s dance through the great times coming with these dance favorites of mine.


The Beatles

  1. “Can’t Buy Me Love”
  2. “Back in the U.S.S.R.


Phil Collins

  1. “Sussidio”
  2. “Dance Into the Light”


Gloria Estefan

  1. “You’ll Be Mine (Party Time)”
  2. “I Just Wanna Be Happy”


Jon Secada

  1. “Always Something”
  2. “It’s Enough”


Barry Manilow

  1. “Daybreak”
  2. “Bandstand Boogie”


Other Faves

  1. “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” – Wham!
  2. “Walking on Sunshine” – Katrina and the Waves


Guitar Train passengers, what are your favorite dance songs?


Off the Music Track – Best Banana Ever?


This month, Quirky T conducts the Guitar Train Off the Music Track to non-music stops. The first stop is inspired by a discussion I heard on the ESPN radio/YES Network sports talk show “The Michael Kay Show” a few months ago. Co-host Don La Greca brought up the point that bananas are consistent; (when they are ripe) they always taste the same. I agree as I have never raved over the taste of a banana. I have never said any banana was the best banana I ever had. For that matter, I have never said any banana was the worst either. I have never heard anyone say, “I just went to the farmers’ market and got the most amazing banana ever. It was so tasty and fresh.” I have never even seen bananas at farmers’ markets. Why bother when the ones at the supermarket aren’t expensive and always taste good? Granted I’ve never eaten a banana right off a banana plant but I’m not sure it would make a difference. I’ve eaten organic bananas and did not notice any taste difference compared to non-organic bananas.

Barry Manilow Greatest Hits Album cover

I’m not bashing bananas. I like them and I eat them frequently. They are great for their taste consistency, affordability, portability, nice compliment to cereal, and ease in preparation. They are definitely the easiest to peel and cut of all the fruits which need to be peeled and cut. There is no anxiety when choosing which banana to eat from a bunch because you will always get the best one since they all taste the same. To bring this Guitar Train stop back on a music track, Barry Manilow even (in a complete non sequitur) offered them in his well-known song, “Copacabana”.


Guitar Train passengers, am I missing something? Have you ever eaten an out of this world absolutely amazing banana? How did it taste? Where did you buy it?

Concert Song Requests of My Faves



The Guitar Train has been lucky enough to make stops to see all of Quirky T’s favorite musicians (except The Beatles) in live concert performances. While I have thoroughly enjoyed all these concerts, there are some songs which I love that I have never heard performed live. I know musicians are limited as far as which songs they can play because of time constraints, technical production issues, and catering to the audiences’ desires. Or as Huey Lewis says during his concerts when the audience yells out titles of songs they want him to sing, “So many hits, so little time.” So putting all practicality aside (including life and death), here are the songs I would love to hear my favorite musicians perform live at a concert I’m attending.


For The Beatles, obviously I’d love to have just been at any of their concerts, even with all the screaming. I’ve been fortunate enough to hear Paul McCartney perform Beatles songs that the band never even performed together in concert. I would love to hear my favorite Beatles album, “Help!” in its entirety. During the October 15, 2015 concert in Detroit, Michigan, Paul McCartney did play “Another Girl”, “I’ve Just Seen a Face”, and “Yesterday”. I would have loved to have been a part of that concert experience. Aside from the album “Help!”, these are the other Beatles songs I would like to hear, broken down by whose songs they are.

  • John Lennon – “It Won’t Be Long”, “All I’ve Got to Do”, and “In My Life”
  • Paul McCartney – “I’ll Follow the Sun”, “I Will” , and “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”
  • George Harrison – “Old Brown Shoe”, “Here Comes the Sun”, and “Don’t Bother Me”
  • Ringo Starr – “With A Little Help From My Friends” and “Honey Don’t” (I know it’s not an original Beatles song but it’s a fun song for Ringo).

Phil Collins t-shirt

From Phil Collins, I would request his angry songs – “I Don’t Care Anymore”, “Do You Know, Do You Care?”, and “Who Said I Would”. To counter the anger, I would love to hear my all time favorite song of all songs I’ve ever heard in my entire life – “We Said Hello Goodbye”.

Genesis glitter T-shirt

I have been lucky that at the two Genesis concerts I attended, Phil Collins sang many of my favorite Genesis songs. To those favorites, I would like to also request “Abacab”, “That’s All”, and “Just a Job To Do.”


I’ve been to many Gloria Estefan concerts but I haven’t heard her perform songs from her 1998 CD titled “gloria!” So I would love to hear that CD performed in its entirety since the songs flow into each other non-stop between tracks. If that’s too much to ask for, I’d settle for just my favorite song from that CD – “I Just Wanna Be Happy”. The other Gloria Estefan song I’d love to hear her perform in concert would fit in with the angry Phil Collins songs. It’s appropriately titled “Go Away.”  I’ll add one Spanish song to my requests – “No Me Dejes De Querer (“Flores” Del Caribe Mix)”.

cu Huey Lewis Sports poster

Huey Lewis and the News concerts are way too short as it is so I can definitely request many more songs for the band to play. They could stand to play a few more hits. In 2013, they played their 1983 album, “Sports”, in its entirety to commemorate its 30th anniversary. That was such an amazing experience that I would love for the band to do that again. In addition to that album, the song I’d most like to hear them perform live is the hard rocking “Couple Days Off”.

Jon Secada and Cadbury Creme Egg

The one Jon Secada concert I attended was also very short. Of course, at the time, he had only released two albums. So I would be happy to hear more songs from those two albums as well as other songs he’s released in the 21 years since then. I would definitely love to hear the songs “La, La, La’, “Whipped”, and “I’m Free”.

Barry Manilow Greatest Hits Album cover

For Barry Manilow who I’ve seen in concert twice, I would like to hear my three favorite songs of his – “Break Down the Door”, “Beautiful Music”, and “All the Time”. I would also request a song that he probably plays at every concert – “Can’t Smile Without You”.


Steve Winwood ticket stub

Steve Winwood ticket stub

One bonus musician that I have song requests for – Steve Winwood. He’s not a favorite of mine like the others are but I do enjoy several songs of his. I saw him in concert six years ago and I was disappointed that he did not play those favorite songs of mine. Those songs are “While You See a Chance”, “Back in the High Life Again”,  “Don’t You Know What the Night Can Do?”, and “Roll With It”.


Guitar Train passengers, what are the songs you would request your favorite musicians play at their concerts?

Fave Love Songs by My Faves

2012-02-03 12.25.56

Valentine’s Day is over but Quirky T wants the love to continue beyond the one day. Let’s still be caring even after all the 50% off Valentine’s candy is gone from the store shelves and completely replaced by Easter candy. Let’s continue to be kind to others after the last flower petal dies.


Here are my favorite love songs from my favorite musicians:


  1. The Beatles – “I Will”
  2. Genesis – “Follow You Follow Me”
  3. Gloria Estefan – “Don’t Let This Moment End”
  4. Huey Lewis and the News – “The Power of Love”
  5. Jon Secada – “Stay”
  6. Barry Manilow – “Can’t Smile Without You”


Guitar Train passengers, what are your favorite love songs from your favorite musicians?

New York Songs

This Guitar Train stop is the first of two stops looking at New York songs and California songs. Since I live on the East Coast, I am more familiar with and associate more with New York songs. Many of the songs written about New York are about one specific area of a large state – New York City. There may be songs about upstate New York towns such as Schenectady or Ithaca but I haven’t heard them.


Central Park, New York City

Central Park, New York City

New York songs I like

  1. “Theme from New York, New York” sung by Frank Sinatra
  2. “New York City Rhythm” by Barry Manilow
  3. “New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel


Gate 4

Yankee Stadium

There’s nothing like a crowd of 50,000 happy New York Yankees fans singing along to “Theme from New York, New York” at Yankee Stadium after a Yankees win. It is a great tradition which brings everyone together in happiness for their beloved team. It is the perfect ending to a day spent at Yankee Stadium.


New York City

New York City

Barry Manilow left Brooklyn, New York a long time ago for California but his song, “New York City Rhythm” captures the atmosphere of New York City. It puts a spring in your step while walking through the city in an I’m-in-a-musical-fantasy kind of way.


Billy Joel is Mr. Long Island, New York. His song, “New York State of Mind” with its mentions of several specific New York locations does indeed put one in a New York frame of reference.

Phil Collins t-shirt


Upon researching this Guitar Train stop, I discovered several Genesis songs with New York connections that I had not previously heard. I found the songs from the Peter Gabriel led 1974 album, “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” to be creepy and scary. They reinforced my preference for Phil Collins over Peter Gabriel.


Guitar Train passengers, what are your favorite New York songs?

Quick Station Stop – Comforting Songs by My Favorites


In this cold, sometimes dreary and now without football and baseball month, Quirky T conducts the Guitar Train to listen to comforting songs. These songs uplift and reassure. This quick station stop lists comforting songs by my favorites.


The Beatles' Let It Be

The Beatles’ Let It Be


  1. “Let It Be” – The Beatles
  2. “We Said Hello Goodbye” – Phil Collins
  3. “It’s Alright” – cover by Huey Lewis and the News
  4. “Always Tomorrow” – Gloria Estefan
  5. “I’m Free” – Jon Secada
  6. “Daybreak” – Barry Manilow


Jon Secada CD cover


Guitar Train passengers, what are your favorite comforting songs? Which songs are your go to songs when you’re feeling bad?

Second Anniversary of the Guitar Train

The Beatles' Abbey Road

The Beatles’ Abbey Road

Two years ago this month, the Guitar Train left a mythical musical station for its first stop along the way to the destination of Advanced Musical Knowledge. As scheduled, the stops looked at the music of my favorite musicians – The Beatles, Phil Collins, Genesis, Gloria Estefan, Huey Lewis and the News, Jon Secada, and Barry Manilow.


Sports poster in hotel

In the past two years, Huey Lewis and the News have moved up from being a second tier favorite of mine to one of my top tier favorites. This is probably based on the amazing Huey Lewis and the News concert I went to last year. Also, the fact that the band may actually make new music in the future which I cannot definitely say for any for the others. So there’s something to look forward to from that favorite.


tuner and picks

I’ve expanded my music listening to include more female musicians such as Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Fiona Apple, Kelly Clarkson, and Lorde. I’ve also listened to the bands King Crimson, The Lumineers, and The Clash.


I want to thank all the peekers at my blog. The Guitar Train blog has been glimpsed at by people in over 60 countries. These countries include one I had never heard of – Guernsey. Which, after researching, I’ve learned is a very fascinating country. Special thanks to South America, particularly Brazil, which seems to stumble upon my blog often.  The Guitar Train has also welcomed a passenger from Greenland!


I really want to thank the people who came upon my blog and actually read the posts, especially my cool followers. Thank you for the “likes”. Thank you also to everyone who has commented on my blog, especially the passengers who regularly comment. I love reading your thoughts and opinions. I also love that you’re adhering to the Guitar Train niceness rules.

Guitar, tuner, and picks

Besides my own blog, another aspect of blogging I’ve enjoyed in the past two years is reading other people’s blogs. I especially enjoy the music blogs I follow. They are well written, funny, and informative. I look forward to their new posts.


I also look forward to another year of conducting the Guitar Train to the destination of Advanced Musical Knowledge (whatever that is!). Everyone, hop aboard and join the cool passengers who are already making the journey.

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