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Off the Music Track – Where Did That Name Come from?

As Quirky T continues this month to conduct the Guitar Train Off the Music Track, this stop looks at nicknames. The origins of many nicknames can obviously be seen from their full names. For others, I cannot conceive where they came from.



A Bill

I can see how William became Will but how did Will become Bill?



Big Bill = Rich

I can see how Richard became Rich but where does Rick come from that?


How does John become Jack?


How does Charles become Chuck?


I can see how Robert became Rob but how did Bob come from that? I actually found the answer for that in “The New American Dictionary of Baby Names” by Leslie Dunkling and William Gosling. They wrote “Because so many men bore it (the name Robert) a number of different pet forms were necessary. Rob, by the usual rhyming process, led to Hob, Dob, Nob, and later, Bob.”  Out of those choices, “Bob” is definitely the best. It scares me to think of the results if “the usual rhyming process” was applied to other names. I guess that can be seen in the episode of “Seinfeld” called “The Junior Mint” with the “name” Mulva.


On the track of female names, I couldn’t come up with any nicknames that made me question their origins. What I did think of is how one male name has many female versions. George in the feminine form becomes Georgia, Georgina, Georgette, and Georgeann. Paul becomes Paula, Paulette, and Paulina. This phenomenon reminds me of fashion. For every one man’s suit, there are many varieties of women’s dresses.


Guitar Train passengers, is there any nickname which you can’t figure out the connection to the full name?


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