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Off the Music Track – Best Banana Ever?


This month, Quirky T conducts the Guitar Train Off the Music Track to non-music stops. The first stop is inspired by a discussion I heard on the ESPN radio/YES Network sports talk show “The Michael Kay Show” a few months ago. Co-host Don La Greca brought up the point that bananas are consistent; (when they are ripe) they always taste the same. I agree as I have never raved over the taste of a banana. I have never said any banana was the best banana I ever had. For that matter, I have never said any banana was the worst either. I have never heard anyone say, “I just went to the farmers’ market and got the most amazing banana ever. It was so tasty and fresh.” I have never even seen bananas at farmers’ markets. Why bother when the ones at the supermarket aren’t expensive and always taste good? Granted I’ve never eaten a banana right off a banana plant but I’m not sure it would make a difference. I’ve eaten organic bananas and did not notice any taste difference compared to non-organic bananas.

Barry Manilow Greatest Hits Album cover

I’m not bashing bananas. I like them and I eat them frequently. They are great for their taste consistency, affordability, portability, nice compliment to cereal, and ease in preparation. They are definitely the easiest to peel and cut of all the fruits which need to be peeled and cut. There is no anxiety when choosing which banana to eat from a bunch because you will always get the best one since they all taste the same. To bring this Guitar Train stop back on a music track, Barry Manilow even (in a complete non sequitur) offered them in his well-known song, “Copacabana”.


Guitar Train passengers, am I missing something? Have you ever eaten an out of this world absolutely amazing banana? How did it taste? Where did you buy it?


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