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Fave Love Songs by My Faves

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Valentine’s Day is over but Quirky T wants the love to continue beyond the one day. Let’s still be caring even after all the 50% off Valentine’s candy is gone from the store shelves and completely replaced by Easter candy. Let’s continue to be kind to others after the last flower petal dies.


Here are my favorite love songs from my favorite musicians:


  1. The Beatles – “I Will”
  2. Genesis – “Follow You Follow Me”
  3. Gloria Estefan – “Don’t Let This Moment End”
  4. Huey Lewis and the News – “The Power of Love”
  5. Jon Secada – “Stay”
  6. Barry Manilow – “Can’t Smile Without You”


Guitar Train passengers, what are your favorite love songs from your favorite musicians?


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4 thoughts on “Fave Love Songs by My Faves

  1. As a very happily married woman “Love” is my favorite topic. I would say my all time favorite love song is “Let it Be Me” by The Everly Brothers. Other acts who have done the song include Elvis and Sonny and Cher.

    I also love “Something” by The Beatles; and “My Love” by McCartney.

    There are so many, but these off the top of my head! (And I’m sure once I click the “post comment” button many more will pop into my head and I’ll be like, “Damn, I should have said THAT ONE too!” 🙂

    • Thanks for hopping aboard The Guitar Train and commenting. I’ll have to add that Everly Brothers’ song to my “Must Listen to List”. I agree; there are so many great love songs to choose from. I felt that way about The Beatles love songs alone! “Something” and “My Love” are great choices, too.

  2. I will would be right near the top of my list too!

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