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Beatles’ Movie Month – “Yellow Submarine”

Yellow Submarine DVD cover

The Guitar Train is reaching the final destination in this month’s look at The Beatles’ movies. This week’s station stop is The Beatles’ 1968 movie, “Yellow Submarine”. Unlike the other Beatles movies I wrote about this month, I had not seen this film before. I appreciate it is as an animated version of The Beatles with a very imaginative plot and visuals but it was too psychedelic for me. As with all the other Beatles movies, I really liked hearing their songs. Several of the group’s song lyrics were also cleverly inserted in the dialogue. An aspect of this film which was similar to “A Hard Day’s Night” and “Help!” was the witty dialogue taken from the Fab Four’s personalities. In the special feature on the DVD called “Making of Documentary”, Peter Angelis, the voice of Ringo, demonstrated how he can imitate the voices of all four Beatles. That impressed me.


Guitar Train passengers, what is your favorite scene from “Yellow Submarine”?

Let It Be album cover

The Beatles last film was the 1970 documentary, “Let It Be”. Unfortunately, I have never seen this film. Even more unfortunately, I cannot get an official, non-bootlegged version of it. I understand that it depicts the breaking up of the band but I can handle that. After all, the band was already broken up when I was born; it’s the only way I have known them. It would be different if the band had stayed together (and alive) and regretted how they treated each other at that time and didn’t want others to see them that way. As it is, there are numerous solo interviews with each Beatle since 1970 where they have, each at some point, had not so nice things to say about their fellow bandmates. The difference between those interviews which are easily available for viewing on You Tube and the “Let It Be” film is that Paul, Ringo, the estates of John and George, and Apple have control over “Let It Be”. Since Apple has continued to re-release and find previously unreleased material to release for profit, why pass up on a guaranteed money maker? The re-release of “Let It Be” on DVD would be a huge event for Beatles fans and possibly the last link to a project all The Beatles were present for and meant to release to the public.


Guitar Train passengers, are you lucky enough to have seen “Let It Be”? What do you think about the film? Should it be re-released?


Before The Guitar Train departs for its next destination, I just want to wrap up Beatles’ Movies Month with a Beatles related movie called “Good Ol’ Freda”. This 2013 film is about The Beatles secretary, Freda Kelly, whose job was to answer the thousands of fan letters that came in every day as well as to get John, Paul, George, and Ringo to sign autographs for the fans. Freda comes across in this film as a nice, down to earth person who was very loyal to the band as well as really caring about the fans. She gave away autographs, photographs, and memorabilia to Beatles fans which would be worth millions today. I would recommend watching this film as it shows a fascinating inside view of Beatlemania.


Next month, come aboard The Guitar Train as Quirky T examines songs for Easter, songs about New York, and songs about California.


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6 thoughts on “Beatles’ Movie Month – “Yellow Submarine”

  1. What’s great is that each movie is perfectly representative for the Beatles era it came from – Hard Day’s Night puts the whole Beatlemania craze on screen, Magical Mystery Tour is as crazy and acid-fueled as was 1967 etc. Let It Be does that the most bluntly though, capturing and presenting the tension within the band and the coldness of the whole ‘Get Back’ project without any curtains. It’s more of a documentary than a movie.

    • Thanks for the comment. You perfectly summed up my whole month of looking at Beatles movies! That is why I am so glad these movies exist so we can look back at the band in their different time periods.

  2. I was fortunate enough to have seen Let It Be on the big screen. The rooftop scene is a highlight, but it’s fascinating to see their creative process at work–and their creativity-straining friction.

  3. ‘Yellow Submarine’ and ‘Help!’ are probably my equal favourite Beatles films! (They would be my favourite films, full stop, if it weren’t for Richard Linklater’s ‘Boyhood’!) ‘Yellow Submarine’ was the first Beatles film I saw, so I don’t really have a favourite scene. I love the songs, though, so I’d probably say the ‘Hey Bulldog’ and ‘It’s All Too Much’ scenes…
    I have seen ‘Let It Be’ (I bought a bootleg DVD on eBay last year), and I enjoyed it so much more than I thought! I loved it, in fact. My favourite scene was probably the Rooftop Concert (which I had watched separately on YouTube beforehand), though watching them create ‘Two of Us’, ‘Across The Universe’ and ‘For You Blue’ was also very interesting. I think that Apple Corps should re-release it, as it is an important part of Beatles history. Though I don’t think it will be re-released in the near future, sadly…
    I’ve been meaning to watch ‘Good Ol’ Freda’! I must buy it soon… 🙂

    • Thanks for your comments. It’s good to hear from someone who has actually seen “Let It Be”. I’ve seen parts of the rooftop concert and it just makes me want to see the whole film. I definitely recommend “Good Ol’ Freda”.

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