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Beatles’ Movies Month – “Magical Mystery Tour”

Magical Mystery Tour CD cover

All this month on The Guitar Train, Quirky T will be looking at The Beatles’ movies. This week’s station stop is The Beatles’ TV movie, “Magical Mystery Tour”. This radical for its time Beatles project premiered on British television on Boxing Day in 1967. George Harrison called it “an elaborate home movie” as it was The Beatles being themselves, not being directed by anyone to play versions of themselves. The movie’s lack of a plot and a script confused people at the time. I found this movie to be disjointed but since I knew it would be like that before I watched it, the lack of a plot did not bother me. The music is excellent so the film is worth watching for the music alone. I understand why people were (are) disappointed with this film if they wanted all Beatles and only Beatles without the other crazy characters.

"Your Mother Should Know" scene

My favorite scene when I first saw this film decades ago and is still my favorite upon re-watching is the very last scene where the Fab Four, dressed in tuxedos, dance down the stairs to their song “Your Mother Should Know”. I like seeing them dance and seeing them in formal wear.


Guitar Train passengers, what is your favorite scene from “Magical Mystery Tour”?


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7 thoughts on “Beatles’ Movies Month – “Magical Mystery Tour”

  1. Love the music; not so crazy about the flick.

  2. Still haven’t seen it yet – I remember those photos from the LP and was always curious about what songs went with which scenes!

  3. Ah, Magical Mystery Tour! Only watched it once… My favourite scene is the ‘Blue Jay Way’ sequence!

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