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Beatles’ Movies Month – “A Hard Day’s Night”

All this month on The Guitar Train, Quirky T will be looking at Beatles movies. It’s so great that the band made these films so that all these years later, we have something to look back on that captures them from those periods of time. I’d say the movies are the modern equivalents of long form music videos but even more modernly, they are the equivalents of You Tube videos. The films The Beatles made have been reviewed and dissected millions of times over the decades, so I’m just going to take a quick look at them.

A Hard Day's Night album cover

This week’s station stop is The Beatles’ first movie, “A Hard Day’s Night” from 1964. I had first seen this movie decades ago. I enjoyed re-watching it since it is such a great depiction of Beatlemania. The film really recreates the chaos, claustrophobia, and frantic pace of that time for the group. It also really captures the personalities and wit of the Fab Four.

Ringo from "A Hard Day's Night"

The scene where the whole band is having fun and being silly in the field while “Can’t Buy Me Love” plays is a favorite. Another favorite scene is when Ringo escapes and is chivalrous with his coat while “This Boy” plays. Of course any scene containing a Beatles song is a great scene.

George from "A Hard Day's Night"

The DVD I watched included numerous extras which I found interesting. In the supplemental feature called “Listen to the Music Playing in Your Head”, Beatles producer George Martin said he regrets not encouraging George Harrison more with his songwriting. He actually apologizes to George and calls “Something” “one of the best love songs ever written”.


Another interesting supplemental feature was “Dressed to the Hilt” where the tailor son of the tailor who made the Beatles suits displayed the actual suit patterns and suits. It’s amazing that they have kept the patterns all these years later. The fact that suits were made for the band illustrates the differences between then and now where male singers wear casual clothes that certainly aren’t custom designed for them.

back of "A Hard Day's Night" album

Guitar Train passengers, what are you favorite scenes from “A Hard Day’s Night”?


The next stop on The Guitar Train’s Beatles’ Movies Month is “Help!”. So hop aboard to reminisce about the Beatles’ second film.


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2 thoughts on “Beatles’ Movies Month – “A Hard Day’s Night”

  1. I have three favourite scenes in ‘A Hard Day’s Night’: The Club Scene (Ringo is such a funny dancer! The tall jumping guy!), the “Grotty Shirts” Scene (‘They’re dead grotty…’), and, of course, the scene where John plays with the toy boat in the bath!

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