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Quick Station Stop – Quirky T’s Favorite Standards




Essential Dean Martin CD


To wrap up The Standards Month on the Guitar Train, here is a very short list of Quirky T’s favorite Standards:


“Ain’t That a Kick in the Head” – Dean Martin

“That’s Amore” – Dean Martin

“The Best is Yet to Come” – Frank Sinatra and Jon Secada

“For Once in My Life” – Frank Sinatra

“Come Fly With Me” – Frank Sinatra

“Fly Me to the Moon” – Frank Sinatra


Duets II

Guitar Train passengers, what are your favorite Standards?


Next month’s Guitar Train stops to ask the question, “Do I Want to Hear More?” Have you ever liked the one (hit) song you have heard from a musician or band and wondered if you would like more of their music? Well, I’m going to answer that question. Will I like more of their songs or will I be a music grouch about them? Hop aboard The Guitar Train next month to find out.


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2 thoughts on “Quick Station Stop – Quirky T’s Favorite Standards

  1. Too many favorite standards to name–I shoulda been born a few decades before I was. A couple of all-time favorites: Ella Fitzgerald’s version of Rogers & Hart’s “Where or When.” Tony Bennett’s version of “Lost in the Stars.” Both beautiful.

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