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The Standards – Dean Martin


Stop number two as the Guitar Train looks at The Standards is Dean Martin. I first became aware of his music in the late 1990’s because of the inclusion of some of his songs on the CD “Mob Hits” which contains songs from the soundtracks of mob movies such as “The Godfather” and “Goodfellows”. Hearing the songs “Volare” and “That’s Amore” made me want to explore more Dean Martin songs.

Essential Dean Martin CD

To expand my listening of Dean Martin, I purchased the CD, “The Essential Dean Martin”. I enjoyed this CD as more than half of the songs are fast paced enough for me. There are definitely more finger snapping songs on this CD than on the “Frank Sinatra: Greatest Love Songs” CD which I wrote about in the last Guitar Train stop.

My favorite songs on the Dean Martin CD are the first two songs “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head” and “That’s Amore”. Ironically, Dean Martin’s song called “I Will” is faster than The Beatles song of the same name.

Frank Sinatra framed photo

The coolness of Dean Martin cannot be denied just like with Frank Sinatra. I’m glad I listened to Dean Martin’s music. As with Frank Sinatra, I won’t explore more but I’ll repeatedly play the songs I have.


Guitar Train passengers, which Dean Martin song is your favorite and why?


At the next stop on the Guitar Train, Quirky T examines her favorite musicians’ versions of The Standards.


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2 thoughts on “The Standards – Dean Martin

  1. Favorite Dino: “Memories Are Made of This.”

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