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New (to Quirky T) Music Month – Oasis

Oasis CD back cover

On the second stop on this month’s New (to Quirky T) Music Month, Quirky T listened to a group that she had more than a slight curiosity about – Oasis. The self-proclaimed comparisons of Oasis to The Beatles, my all time favorite band, always had me curious about the band. Of course I had heard their song, “Wonderwall” but that’s all.   So right there, that should negate any comparisons to The Beatles. Who in 1964 said of The Beatles, “I’ve heard ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ but no other songs by them.”? No one. Who could’ve said that 20 years later? No one. If Oasis was that much of a talented megagroup, how come I, who was living at the time when their music first came out, and even 20 years later, have only heard one song of theirs?

Oasis CD cover

After doing research for this stop, I learned that Oasis had many hit singles and were very popular. I must have been stuck in the Guitar Train at that time, only listening to The Beatles to have missed all those hits. Again as when I listened to Lana del Rey at the Guitar Train’s last stop, is not my type of music. I did give them multiple listenings which almost gave me the familiarity factor. Oasis is closer to music I like than Lana del Rey is but not enough to add them to my regular listening. I’m still looking for new (to me) music that I will like and get excited about.  So I am still a new music grouch.


Guitar Train passengers, if Quirky T was ever to try to listen to new music again, who should I listen to and why? Can you guarantee I will like it? Can you change a new music grouch into a new music enthusiast?


Next month on the Guitar Train, I’ll stop to listen to solo music by musicians I am very familiar with – John Lennon and Ringo Starr.


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