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New (to Quirky T) Music Month – Music Grouch/ Lana del Rey


Welcome aboard the Guitar Train for the second set of stops for New (to Quirky T) Music Month. I’ve just discovered that I am a music grouch. I only want to hear music I am familiar with. I’m hesitant to listen to any new music. I haven’t really liked any of the new artists I have listened to for this blog. Is it because I haven’t listened enough to give them a chance? Or am I so prejudiced against new music that no new music has a chance? Or am I listening to the wrong music for my tastes?

cu Huey Lewis Sports poster

I want to be excited about new music. Really, I want to go back in time to the ‘80’s and ‘90’s when my favorites were releasing new, original songs. Going to the Huey Lewis and the News concert recently reminded me of the excitement of hearing their new songs on the radio for the first time. Possibly with all my favorite musicians, there was a built in expectancy that I would most likely enjoy any new song they released.


Maybe instead of yielding to the pressure of listening to artists because they are talked about, I should go for artists whom I already like one song of and see if I like more. Familiarity may be the key. I find myself while at work, where a wide range of pop/rock songs from the ‘70’s to today are played, now tolerating songs that I didn’t like when they first came out. Many times it is the memories associated with those songs more than the songs themselves.


Or maybe I should go back to my favorite artists and play their less listened to songs. I wrote about this in the Guitar Train stop called, “Am I Fan Enough?”


Maybe new music is over for me. Maybe in the whole realm of music, there’s just no one new I will ever like.


To continue on that dark, dreary track, the artist I listened to for this stop was Lana del Rey. I listened to her 2012 CD, “Born to Die”.  It’s just not my kind of music – too slow and dark for me. That’s disappointing in general but also because I want to add more female musicians to the Guitar Train.


Maybe I should give up and just listen to my favorite Gloria Estefan CD, “gloria!” for the seven hundredth time. At least I know I’ll enjoy that and it won’t depress me.


Guitar Train passengers, stay aboard for the next stop and see if I’m still a music grouch when I listen to more new to me music.


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