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Off The Music Track – Has Anyone Ever Wondered Why? Stop # 1 – The Grapefruit


The second stop on this month’s off the music track detour takes the Guitar Train to a new stop called “Has Anyone Ever Wondered Why?”


Quirky T has always wondered how and why the grapefruit got its name. The size and taste of the grapefruit has nothing to do with the grape which I assume was discovered and named first. I can’t imagine someone seeing a large, yellow, round, thick-skinned fruit growing on a tree and thinking, “This reminds me of that small, green, oval, soft-skinned fruit growing on the vine. So I’ll name this fruit after the grape and I’ll actually use the word “fruit” in its name to clarify, in case anyone thinks it’s a vegetable.”

grapefruit on bottle

Wikipedia wasn’t much help with solving this mystery. It said the grapefruit could have been so named because it grows in clusters like grapes do. That seems like a lame reason to me.


On a side track, it’s interesting that all the other members of the citrus family – the orange, the lime, and the lemon are also the names of colors. The grapefruit is left out of that group presumably because it comes on several colors.


Guitar Train passengers, have you also thought that the grapefruit is oddly named? Have you solved this mystery?


Next month, hop aboard the Guitar Train as Quirky T stops to listen to music that is new to her.


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6 thoughts on “Off The Music Track – Has Anyone Ever Wondered Why? Stop # 1 – The Grapefruit

  1. Never thought of the odd name before, but you’re absolutely right!

  2. Not as sweet as his little brother the orange and definitely not as sour as his sister the lemon—and kind of a quirky name that makes no sense…I feel you Grapefruit-I feel you you man!

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