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Quick Station Stop – Huey Lewis and the News Concert 2014


Back on the music track, Quirky T was excited to conduct the Guitar Train to stop in Atlantic City for the Huey Lewis and the News concert at the House of Blues. Luckily for me, the band still tours every summer and also luckily for me, they usually play near where I live. (Well, almost near. It’s disappointing when the drive to the concert is longer than the actual concert).

Huey Lewis poster 2014

I wasn’t as excited to see them this year as I was last year since last year to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their album, “Sports”, they played the terrific album in its entirety.  It was an amazing musical experience that wasn’t going to be repeated this year. (Despite drunken hecklers at this year’s concert repeatedly imploring Huey to do so).

Showboat Casino

The minute I walked into the House of Blues, I almost regretted coming. The place was basically a bar with a small professional stage. The seats were folding chairs! I paid $88.50 to sit in a folding chair? A hard as a rock folding chair that was attached to the other folding chairs in the row so I couldn’t even scout my chair closer to the stage. I know the Showboat Casino where the House of Blues is located is closing on August 31 but did they already remove the regular cushioned seats? Had I known it would be like this, I would’ve brought my hotel room pillow to sit on.

Huey Lews small poster

But the minute Huey and the band stepped on the stage, I was glad I was there. The concert was amazing. I would have preferred if the band played longer and more of their songs and less cover songs. (To see the complete set list, check out They seemed to enjoy playing the old blues songs so they did. It was surreal for me to be singing Huey’s words while he’s singing them in my direction.

Heart & Soul on door

Before the band played “Heart and Soul”, Huey Lewis uttered a phrase I never thought I would hear from him – “Let’s dance”. I had never associated his music with dancing but the audience did dance from then until the end of the show.

House of Blues

The House of Blues was definitely the worst concert venue I have been to from the folding chairs, to the hecklers (whom security ignored and then actually let stand right in front of the stage and heckle Huey to his face), to the few audio problems, and the minor lighting issues but it was definitely worth the travel time and expense to see one of my all time favorite bands perform live.


Guitar Train passengers, what is the worse concert venue for a mainstream musical group you have been to and why was it so bad?


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