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Things I Don’t Have to Worry About – Part 2


This month Quirky T will take her second non-musical detour on the Guitar Train. In April, I listed the first part of “The Things I Don’t Have to Worry About”.

This station stop is part two.

Yankees umbrella



What kind of umbrella would I need if it “It’s Raining Men”?

I would guess a very sturdy one in case one of the men accidentally crashes into my umbrella. I would hate my death to be noted in the newspaper or Internet as, “She was killed in that 10:30 pm manstorm that dropped about 100 men throughout the city. Apparently her umbrella was rather flimsy and collapsed under the weight of the 5’ 8” black haired, blue eyed man who precipitated from the sky.”

snow scene

It’s snowing in July and all my winter clothes, coats, and boots are packed away in storage.

I frequently have dreams that it’s snowing, then I wake up and am disappointed that it’s July. This weather event happening is probably as likely as raining men.

cleaning supplies

If I should clean my house before the cleaning service comes to clean.

Really, why do people do that? The cleaning service is paid to do that, you’re not.

Buckingham Palace


Arc de Triumph



What to pack for a one month long vacation spent traveling in several European countries so that my luggage isn’t too numerous and too heavy to carry.

Maybe if I was wealthy enough to afford a month long trip in Europe, someone else would be carrying my luggage.

my old smartphone

After I have an amazing success, so many people text me “congrats” that my phone crashes.

Since only a few people have my cell phone number, they’d have to repeatedly text me in order for a crash to happen.


Guitar Train passengers, is there anything you don’t have to worry about (besides fearing that you’ll never write as good and worthwhile a post as this one)?



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2 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Have to Worry About – Part 2

  1. Won’t have to worry about wearing white after Labour day – I remember one of Will’s dates on Fresh Prince thought that was a major deal but I haven’t lost a great deal of sleep over it!

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