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Quick Station Stop – Photos in a Song

Beatles framed photos

While Quirky T was preparing to write the Guitar Train stop about Ringo Starr’s solo work, his song “Photograph” became stuck in her head. That led me to think of other songs about photographs. Here is a list of songs by my favorite musicians which contain lyrics about photos or pictures.



1. “Photograph” – Ringo Starr
2. “Do You Believe in Love” – Huey Lewis and the News
3. “Home by the Sea” – Genesis
4. “Mental Picture” – Jon Secada
5. “Your Picture” – Gloria Estefan


framed Gloria Estefan photo

It’s interesting to me that many of the songs deal with the nostalgic aspects of photos. The photos remind the singers of the person depicted and lead to a longing for a person who is no longer with them. This is the case in Ringo Starr’s, Jon Secada’s, and Gloria Estefan’s songs. Although Jon Secada’s song is not about an actual, physical photo of his beloved. Huey Lewis and the News have a twist on this as the woman in the photograph has become a real presence in the singer’s life. In the Genesis song, the photos are similes for everyday life.


framed Jon Secada CD cover

Guitar Train passengers, can you think of any songs that contain lyrics about photos or pictures? Are they all sadly nostalgic references or are any of them happy?


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2 thoughts on “Quick Station Stop – Photos in a Song

  1. The Cure’s ‘Pictures of You’ would be my personal favourite. Stone Temple Pilots ‘Big Bang Baby’ wins the prize however for the most ‘meta’ line: “I’ve got a picture of a photograph”

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