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Second Anniversary of the Guitar Train

The Beatles' Abbey Road

The Beatles’ Abbey Road

Two years ago this month, the Guitar Train left a mythical musical station for its first stop along the way to the destination of Advanced Musical Knowledge. As scheduled, the stops looked at the music of my favorite musicians – The Beatles, Phil Collins, Genesis, Gloria Estefan, Huey Lewis and the News, Jon Secada, and Barry Manilow.


Sports poster in hotel

In the past two years, Huey Lewis and the News have moved up from being a second tier favorite of mine to one of my top tier favorites. This is probably based on the amazing Huey Lewis and the News concert I went to last year. Also, the fact that the band may actually make new music in the future which I cannot definitely say for any for the others. So there’s something to look forward to from that favorite.


tuner and picks

I’ve expanded my music listening to include more female musicians such as Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Fiona Apple, Kelly Clarkson, and Lorde. I’ve also listened to the bands King Crimson, The Lumineers, and The Clash.


I want to thank all the peekers at my blog. The Guitar Train blog has been glimpsed at by people in over 60 countries. These countries include one I had never heard of – Guernsey. Which, after researching, I’ve learned is a very fascinating country. Special thanks to South America, particularly Brazil, which seems to stumble upon my blog often.  The Guitar Train has also welcomed a passenger from Greenland!


I really want to thank the people who came upon my blog and actually read the posts, especially my cool followers. Thank you for the “likes”. Thank you also to everyone who has commented on my blog, especially the passengers who regularly comment. I love reading your thoughts and opinions. I also love that you’re adhering to the Guitar Train niceness rules.

Guitar, tuner, and picks

Besides my own blog, another aspect of blogging I’ve enjoyed in the past two years is reading other people’s blogs. I especially enjoy the music blogs I follow. They are well written, funny, and informative. I look forward to their new posts.


I also look forward to another year of conducting the Guitar Train to the destination of Advanced Musical Knowledge (whatever that is!). Everyone, hop aboard and join the cool passengers who are already making the journey.


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10 thoughts on “Second Anniversary of the Guitar Train

  1. Congrats on two years, and congrats on the King Crimson!

  2. Congrats Man!-Music bloggers are the coolest bloggers, but you already know that.

  3. Congrats on the anniversary, looking forward to year 3!

  4. Wow 2 years already! Congrats Quirky T…always enjoy taking a ride in the guitar train ☺

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