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Favorites Month Part 2 – Jon Secada

This month, the Guitar Train is making stops to look at Quirky T’s second tier favorite musicians. This stop looks at Jon Secada.

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First Stop (The First Time I Heard His Music)
The first time I ever heard Jon Secada sing was on September 21, 1991 at a Gloria Estefan concert. At that time, Jon was a songwriting and background singer for Gloria. During her concerts on that tour, she left the stage and gave Jon a showcase song. The minute he sang the first notes of the song, “Always Something”, I was amazed. I wrote about this moment in my stop to look at my favorite concert moments.



Jon Secada English CD cover

“Jon Secada” English CD cover

Jon Secada Spanish CD cover

“Jon Secada” Spanish CD cover








Second Stop (What I Did Next)
After hearing him sing, I had to buy Jon Secada’s debut CD titled “Jon Secada”. I loved it. The CD includes a live version of “Always Something” which always brings me back to the moment I first heard him sing. Jon Secada released his first three CDs in both English and Spanish versions. I bought all three of these CDs in both languages. It’s very interesting to hear the same songs sung in both languages. Jon Secada proves his musical genius by his ability adapt the lyrics in the different languages to fit the music and meaning of the song.
I also had to see him when he played Danny Zuko in the Broadway version of the musical “Grease” in 1995. He did a great job in that role.


Jon Secada

Jon Secada – “Heart, Soul, & A Voice”

Repeated Destinations (Favorite Song and Album)
My favorite Jon Secada song in English is “La,La,La” from 1994’s “Heart, Soul, & A Voice”. My favorite Jon Secada song in Spanish is “Enseñame” from 1992’s “Otro Dia Mas Sin Verte”, the Spanish version of his debut CD.

My favorite Jon Secada CD is his second CD, “Heart, Soul, & A Voice”. This also happens to be the CD he autographed for me. I wrote about that encounter in my post called “Jon Secada and the Cadbury Crème Egg”.

Duets II
I also really like Jon Secada’s “duet” with Frank Sinatra on the song “The Best is Yet To Come” on the Frank Sinatra CD, “Duets II”. It is my favorite of all the “duets” Frank Sinatra did with other singers.


Now Departing (What Non-Fans Say about Him)
Jon Secada’s height of popularity was in the early 1990’s. Since then he has only released a few CDs and hasn’t had any hit songs. I’m not aware of any Jon Secada haters; there are probably more people who are just unaware of him.


"Secada" English CD cover

“Secada” English CD cover




"Secada" Spanish CD cover

“Secada” Spanish CD cover



Conducting This Train (Why He Will Always be My Favorite)
I really enjoy Jon Secada’s music. I especially like his faster songs which is why this third English CD, 1997’s, “Secada”, always fascinated me. After the first two songs, every other song is a fast song. At the time, I dubbed only the fast songs together on a cassette tape and called them “the express”. Some of Jon Secada’s music reminds me of the Latin influence heard on Gloria Estefan’s songs since they were both born in Cuba. The music is just happy and upbeat. On the other track, Jon Secada’s ballads are soul searching and evocative.


All Aboard (Why I Wish Others Would Listen to Him and Where to Start)
If you like Gloria Estefan and other Latin pop musicians, you would probably like Jon Secada. He made good music and deserves a bigger audience than he has. I think the best way to approach Jon Secada’s music is chronologically. I believe his first two CDs, “Jon Secada” and “Heart, Soul, & A Voice” are his best. I recommend listening to both the English and Spanish versions of his CDS even if you don’t know Spanish. At the very least, you’ll be singing phonetically in Spanish (like me).

Jon Secada "The Gift" CD cover
A nice addition to your Christmas CD collection is Jon Secada’s 2001 Christmas CD, “The Gift”. In 2010, Jon covered the standards in “Classics”/ “Clasicos” which are good CDs for fans of that style of music.


Official Track
To find out more about Jon Secada, check out his official website at and his Facebook page at


Guitar Train passengers, do you have a favorite musician whom you think does not get the recognition or audience that he or she deserves? Who is it and why do you think he or she lacks the recognition or audience?


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