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Off The Music Track Month – Stop # 2 – Things I Don’t Have to Worry About

It’s time for the second non-(strictly) music detour on the Guitar Train. Sometimes in life when things become hectic, annoying, and stressful, it is easy to dwell on the negative. Quirky T has decided to force herself to look at the positive side of life. So, along that track, here is my first list of things I don’t have to worry about.


1. What to say to Paul McCartney when I finally meet him that lets him know the magnitude of my gratitude and love for his music without saying something he’s heard a million times before in the past fifty years.


2. What to say when I win a Grammy for Song of the Year that conveys my intelligence, wit, and amazing songwriting ability all while giving my acceptance speech in the short time allotted.


3. How to prepare the abundance of fresh lobster meat I have so I don’t become sick of always eating lobster.


4. How to spend the millions I’ll win on a lottery game that I don’t even play. Also, how to stop myself from complaining when I only receive $150 million instead of the whole $200 million jackpot because the rest went to taxes.


5. How I’m going to have the time to personally reply to all the comments my blog will get when it’s Freshly Pressed.


I feel calmer and less stressed already. It’s so nice to have things that I don’t have to worry about (because they will never happen).

Guitar Train passengers, what don’t you have to worry about?

Next month, hop back aboard the musical Guitar Train to look at two more of Quirky T’s all time favorite musicians and also recap two years of the Guitar Train.


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3 thoughts on “Off The Music Track Month – Stop # 2 – Things I Don’t Have to Worry About

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  2. I think it was Andre 3000 (of Outkast) whose acceptance speech was a simple “Thanks.” Instead of listing everyone at the record label etc. I admired that concise speech!

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