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Off The Music Track Month – Stop # 1 – Paper Towel Craziness

This month, Quirky T is conducting the Guitar Train on a non-musical detour. This first stop looks at the craziness of paper towel designs. Since paper towels can be used for so many purposes, they are pretty much a necessity of life (unless you’re environmentally conscious and use washable real cloth towels – good for you). I never understood the need for a design on a paper towel. A simple plain white paper towel is all we need.


plain white paper towel

plain white paper towel




After all, we’re only going to use it for a few seconds to clean up or a few minutes maximum in the microwave. It does not need to have a design. It does not need to have writing on it. I’m not looking for words of wisdom from a paper towel. I just need something functional. Plain white paper towels without images or writing are actually requested when microwaving certain items. I suppose this is so that the ink from the design does not get into the food or stain the microwave tray.


What I do not need, want, desire, or understand is this –

park scene on a paper towel

park scene on a paper towel


What is that? Why is there a park scene playing out on my paper towel? Who thought of this and why? I can understand napkins having designs since they will actually be displayed on tables. Although, I doubt a stroll through the park scene on a napkin would match any table or event theme.

park scene on a paper towel

park scene on a paper towel


And why are the women who are pushing the stroller, walking the dog, and strolling through the park all wearing very high heels? I’m surprised the woman on the bike and the female jogger (who incomprehensibly is wearing a skirt) aren’t wearing high heels also. What does that say about this paper towel company’s concept of women? And what about the lack of men except for the guy on the bench and the boy playing?


park scene on a paper towel

park scene on a paper towel


I just don’t understand it. Thank you, Guitar Train passengers, for letting me get this (probably purposeless) rant about paper towel designs out of my system. I’m afraid to ask but does this bother anyone else?


Beatles exhibit program

Back on the music track, I recently went to an excellent Beatles exhibit in New York City. “Ladies and Gentlemen . . . The Beatles” is at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center now through May 10. This free exhibit contains memorabilia from The Beatles’ trips to America for concerts from 1964-1966. Among the cool “artifacts” are handwritten set lists for concerts and original concert tickets. I would highly recommend this exhibit which travels to a new city in America every three months. For more information, check out and


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