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New (To Quirky T) Music Month – Stop # 1 – Lorde

This month the Guitar Train is stopping for New (to Quirky T) Music Month. I admit I am stuck on the same music track, making stops to listen to only the same (few) musicians. So this month, I will welcome new (to me) musicians aboard the Guitar Train. Maybe some of them will become return passengers.

I’m not comfortable doing music reviews because I am not a musician. Only recently since I’ve been learning to play the guitar, have I begun to pay more attention to the musical aspects of a song. As a writer, I have always been more interested in the lyrics of a song. So the posts this month are not music reviews but comments on my exposure to different musicians.

Meet the Beatles album cover
I have always been impressed by singer-songwriters, especially teenage ones. After all, John Lennon and Paul McCartney began writing songs as teenagers. I am more impressed with female teenage songwriters since they are rare and I was one (but not a good one.) When I was a teenager, I really admired Debbie Gibson for writing her own songs. More recently Taylor Swift has been a successful young female singer-songwriter.

Lorde - Pure Heroine
So the first stop on New (to Quirky T) Music Month is teenage female singer-songwriter Lorde. According to Wikipedia, Lorde started writing songs at 13 years old, which was only four years ago. Her single “Royals”   became a Billboard #1 hit last year. Her debut album, “Pure Heroine” was released in September 2013. She has already won Grammys for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance, both for “Royals.”


On to my non-review of the album, I like the beat of Lorde’s songs and her rhymes. She has a different, more poetic take on teenage angst than many other teenage songwriters. I also like the sound of her voice.

Personally, Lorde is not my type of music. I like more upbeat, happier music. I couldn’t imagine sitting (and that’s what I’d actually be doing) through a whole concert of her music. It’s too mellow for me. I hope she has some fun in her life since it’s not really reflected in her songs. Immediately after listening to “Pure Heroine”, I listened to the Brian Setzer Orchestra’s “The Ultimate Collection” of greatest hits. Those two live CDs were literally more my speed. What a huge contrast to Lorde; definitely a concert that leads to dancing.

I think Lorde is talented. She has a fresh point of view and I can see her appeal. I hope she continues to make the music she wants and doesn’t yield to pressure to become just another ditzy pop princess.

Guitar Train passengers, who are your favorite teenage singer-songwriters and why?


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4 thoughts on “New (To Quirky T) Music Month – Stop # 1 – Lorde

  1. When I listened to Fiona Apple’s Tidal, I heard some parallels with Lorde. Impressive voice (mature beyond her years), good original songs.

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