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NFL Shield

Thanksgiving is one of Quirky T’s favorite holidays because it contains three of her favorite things – food, family, and football.  It has all of the fun, family, and food of Christmas without the gift giving anxiety.  Any holiday centered on an abundance of food has to be good.  I love that the NFL has added a third football game at night so there’s even more football to watch.  The only anxiety I have is if the New York Giants are playing that day.  If they lose, it ruins the holiday a little for me.

Thanksgiving has been increasingly skipped over in recent years.  It seems that stores go from having Halloween candy on their shelves right to Christmas decorations without anything for Thanksgiving.  Now on Thanksgiving Day itself, stores are open to start Christmas shopping.  I can’t believe that even after a man actually died in the chaos of shoppers rushing into a store, they still have door buster specials that caused such fatal insanity.  Why can’t people just relax and enjoy Thanksgiving at home, at their families’ or friends’ house, or at a restaurant?  The consumer products will still be there the next day.  And if they aren’t, were they really necessary for your life?  Would they really bring you happiness and everything you desire?

So this Thanksgiving, Guitar Train passengers, let’s relax, eat much great food, enjoy our family and friends, watch football, listen to music, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Next month, the Guitar Train presents Christmas Songs.


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