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The Guitar Train Celebrates Halloween

New York Giants Mini Snickers bars

New York Giants Mini Snickers bars

Since today is Halloween, the Guitar Train is taking a slight detour from Happy Month to celebrate Halloween. Unfortunately, for the past two years in New Jersey and other states along the East Coast, Halloween has either been postponed or cancelled completely because of hurricanes and the resulting damages and power outages. I feel bad for kids who didn’t get to experience all the fun of Halloween.

Snickers bars

Snickers bars

Dressing up in cool costumes and free candy, what a great holiday! When you step back to think about it, it is very odd that for this one day, you can go to any house, ring the doorbell, and expect to get candy. As a kid, my friends and I always remembered which houses handed out the best treats. The most sought after treats were full size chocolate bars like Snickers and packages of three large chocolate chip cookies from the local cookie factory.

Cadbury Screme Egg

Cadbury Screme Egg

Today, the amount and variety of Halloween candy and chocolate available to purchase is overwhelming. Every candy has been Halloweenized, even Quirky T’s favorite Cadbury Crème Eggs as Cadbury Scrème Eggs with bright green filling. One trend I don’t like is the downsizing of chocolate bars to bite size. Who needs to unwrap four individually wrapped Snickers to make one whole bar? Obviously, I don’t know what moderation means in relation to chocolate.

Genesis tape cover with tape

Thriller tape cover

Phantom of the Opera tape cover

To get on a musical track, here are some songs that set me in the mood for Halloween.
1. “Home By the Sea” – Genesis
2. “Ghostbusters” – Ray Parker Jr.
3. “Thriller” – Michael Jackson  

4. “Music of the Night” – The Phantom of the Opera

Guitar Train Passengers, what songs put you in the mood for Halloween? What was your favorite Halloween treat to receive as a child?

Next month, hop aboard the Guitar Train as Quirky T stops for Gratitude Month.


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