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Favorites Month: Huey Lewis and the News

All this month, Quirky T has been conducting the Guitar Train to stop at each of her all time favorite musicians. The last destination is Huey Lewis and the News.



Huey Lewis concert T-shirt
First Stop (The First Time I Heard Their Music)
The first Huey Lewis and the News song I ever heard was 1983’s “The Heart of Rock & Roll”. It is probably the band’s most famous song, even now, 30 years later.



Sports - original cover
Second Stop (What I Did Next)
After hearing that song, I bought the album that “The Heart of Rock & Roll” is on, “Sports”, in cassette tape format. On an interesting track, I ended up buying “Sports” several times as I bought it on cassette tape twice (the first tape broke from playing it so much), CD, and it’s now on my iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano.

My friends and I made our own music videos to songs from “Sports” by acting out the parts of Huey Lewis and the other band members. In 1986, I got the band’s next album, “Fore!”, followed by “Hard At Play” in 1991 (the first one I bought only on CD).




Repeated Destinations (Favorite Song and Album)
Until this year, my favorite Huey Lewis and the News album was “Fore!” It has since changed to “Sports” as I noted in my post “The Guitar Train Stops at a Huey Lewis and the News Concert.”

My favorite Huey Lewis and the News song is 1982’s “Do You Believe in Love”  from the album, “Picture This.” My second favorite song is the hard rocker “Couple Days Off” from 1991’s “Hard At Play”.

My favorite Huey Lewis and the News music video is for “I Want a New Drug”  which follows Huey as he prepares for a concert. One very memorable shot comes in the beginning of the video as Huey plunges his face into a sink full of ice water to wake himself up. The camera angle on that shot is amazing.


Now Departing (What Non-Fans Say about Them)
Huey Lewis and the News seem to be made fun of in the same manner as Phil Collins is – for no real reason. As with Phil Collins, I think it’s a case where dislikers should listen to the music before they judge it and make snarky comments about the band.

Ironically, one time the band is praised and put in the spotlight is during a brutal murder scene in the movie “American Psycho.” I first became aware of this a few months ago when I heard about Huey Lewis himself and Weird Al parodying the scene from the movie on the website “Funny or Die”. It is funny scene (and only gory at the end). I then watched the original which is brutally violent and disturbing while offering an insightful commentary on Huey Lewis and the News’ career.  I decided to go to the source material so I borrowed from the library the Bret Easton Ellis book which the movie is based. I immediately read the chapters on Huey Lewis and the News, Genesis, and Whitney Houston. They are all well written and have a great knowledge of the subjects. I don’t know how they tie into the brutal murder or the plot of the novel since the rest of the novel is too disturbing for me to read. I admit that this is truly a case where I have taken the Huey Lewis bit out of context but I really can’t make myself read the rest of the book.




Huey Lewis t-shirt 2013
Conducting This Train (Why They Will Always be my Favorites)
Whenever I hear a Huey Lewis and the News song, I smile. Their music is good, up tempo, and fun. I like the fact that not all their songs are love songs. Also, only a few of their love songs are happy-in-love-songs; others are more realistic. I like that Huey plays a happy harmonica, not a whiny, sad harmonica. Having a horn section in a rock band impresses me. I’m also a fan of the band’s vocal harmonies.

I look forward to the possibility of a CD of new songs from the band. For thirty years, I have been a fan and I will continue to be a fan.




Huey Lewis concert ticket 2013
All Aboard (Why I Wish Others Would Listen to Them and Where to Start)
When I was in the elevator of the hotel at Harrah’s Resort Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey last month, the young (early 20’s) security guard asked me why I was at the hotel. When I told him I had come to see the Huey Lewis and the News concert at the hotel, he said he had never seen Huey Lewis perform or even heard one of their songs. The only thing he knew about the band was the scene from “American Psycho”. It made me sad to think he has never heard their music and felt the enjoyment I have felt.




Huey Lewis Greatest Hits
So for Huey Lewis and the News newcomers and dislikers, in addition to listening to “Sports” and “Fore!”, the CD I would recommend is “Huey Lewis and the News Greatest Hits and Videos” released in 2006. Besides the band’s over thirty years of greatest hits, it contains some of their fun music videos.


Official Track
For more information, check out Their official You Tube music videos are from emimusic.


Guitar Train passengers, what do you think about the criticism or snarky comments made about your favorite musicians?




Next month, hop aboard the Guitar Train as Quirky T celebrates Happy Month in October.


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