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Favorites Month: The Beatles

All this month, Quirky T will be conducting the Guitar Train for a stop at each of her all time favorite musicians. The first destination is The Beatles.

The Beatles Love Songs
First Stop (The First Time I Heard Their Music)
I first heard The Beatles music about 35 years ago. My mom is a Beatles fan so I heard their music because of her. The first Beatles song I remember hearing is her singing “Lovely Rita”. The first Beatles tape I ever received was a compilation called “Love Songs” which was released by Capitol Records in 1977.


The Beatles Anthology book
Second Stop (What I Did Next)
From then on, I listened to all the official Beatles albums (as official as the American versions were) from the beginning of their career as a band until the end in 1970. I watched their movies. I also read many books about The Beatles. The amount of books written about them is overwhelming. They have almost gotten down to a minute by minute account of everything John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr said and did from 1960-1970.


Help CD cover
Repeated Destinations (Favorite Song and Album)
My favorite Beatles album is “Help!”. I prefer the early Beatles albums up until 1965’s “Rubber Soul”. That’s not to say I don’t like any songs after 1965; I just prefer the earlier songs over many of the later songs.
My favorite Beatles song changes often. Currently it is 1970’s “Get Back” which I can also play on the guitar.
Now Departing (What Non-Fans Say about Them)
Are there non-Beatles fans? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like at least a few Beatles songs. I also don’t know anyone who doesn’t acknowledge that The Beatles were musical geniuses, innovators, and groundbreakers.
Conducting This Train (Why They Will Always be My Favorites)
Beatles music just makes me happy. They were talented musicians who made amazing music. The band released an astonishing amount of music in a short time in several different genres.


Meet the Beatles album cover
All Aboard (Why I Wish Others Would Listen to Them and Where to Start)
I can’t imagine any person going through his or her whole life without ever having heard a Beatles song. So it’s not like I really have to sell anyone on The Beatles. I also couldn’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to let a bit of happiness and musical genius into their lives.
But for the newcomers, I would recommend listening to an early Beatles album such as 1964’s “Meet the Beatles” (an American release) and also a later album such as 1967’s “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”. I would really recommend listening to all their albums in chronological order to get a greater sense of how their music changed over the years. For the more serious fans, I would recommend “The Beatles Anthology” book and DVDs. It is the definitive story of the band told in 1995 by the then three surviving members with previous interviews from John Lennon.
Official Track
For more information, check out The Beatles official website at

Guitar Train passengers, tell Quirky T who are your all time favorite musicians and why.


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6 thoughts on “Favorites Month: The Beatles

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  3. There’s the odd person I’ve heard say “I don’t like the Beatles” but it feels like they’re trying to be intentionally opposed to anything that most people like. The old Groucho Marx, whatever it is, I’m against it!
    Interesting to hear your favourites, I like a lot of the earlier songs but for me, The Beatles/Abbey Road/Sgt. Pepper would be my top 3 albums.

    • It would be interesting to ask the Beatles dislikers (what an odd phrase!) why specifically they don’t like The Beatles. I really think there are songs for everyone. If you don’t like short, quick tempo pop songs, you might not like early Beatles but there’s probably a harder edged, rocking later Beatles song you’d like. If you don’t like ballads, there are fast songs for you. So, like you observed, I think the dislikers are probably just being contrary.
      For me, it wasn’t as easy I thought to narrow down my favorites to early Beatles songs. I always thought I preferred the early songs but then I kept coming up with later songs that I loved just as much. Overall, there isn’t a Beatles album that I completely don’t like and would refuse to listen to. I can’t say that about many other musicians.

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