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Quirky T’s Favorite Concert Moments

To end Concert Month, the Guitar Train stops to look at Quirky T’s all time favorite concert moments. My first favorite concert moment is actually a whole concert – the first time I went to a Paul McCartney concert. The concert was on July 9, 1990 at Giants Stadium in New Jersey. It was actually the worst concert atmosphere I’ve ever been in. Only hot dogs where available to eat which I’m sure a vegetarian like Paul McCartney would not appreciate. The only seat I could get after hours spent calling Ticketmaster (see my August 15, 2013 post called “The Guitar Train Stops at Ticketmaster” ) was nowhere near my family and friends who attended the concert with me. So I was sitting all alone surrounded by people engaging in illegal activities while waiting for the concert to begin. It started an hour later than scheduled.

Tripping the Live Fantastic CD
Once the concert began, the atmosphere changed as everyone focused on the music. It was amazing to me to hear Beatles songs played by an actual Beatle. It always amuses me to hear Paul McCartney play Beatles songs in concert that the Beatles themselves never played in concert. I had none of the problems Beatles concertgoers had – I had no problem hearing and seeing Paul and his band. I loved how he made the end of “Hey Jude” a sing along with different areas of the stadium participating. I bought the double CD recorded during this tour, “Tripping the Live Fantastic”, so I can relive those great concert memories whenever I listen to the CDs.

Gloria Estefan concert T-shirt
My next favorite concert moment was at a Gloria Estefan concert on September 21, 1991 at the Meadowlands Arena in New Jersey. I had first seen Gloria Estefan in concert the year before at the same arena. She had the same comedian as her warm-up act at both concerts. I would have no problem with that if he hadn’t told all the same jokes both times. In one year, he couldn’t come up with new material? Or did he really think 20,000 different Gloria Estefan fans would be at the second concert who weren’t there at the first?

Jon Secada CD cover
Anyway, I really enjoyed Gloria Estefan as she puts on a great show. That’s why I was not happy when she left the stage to showcase her back-up singer, Jon Secada. That was until he opened his mouth and sang, “Always Something”. He absolutely amazed me. I have been a fan from that moment on. His first self titled CD contains a live recording of “Always Something” which always brings me back to the first moment I heard him sing. Unfortunately, he has not gone on to have the highly successful career that Gloria has.

Huey Lewis concert T-shirt
My third favorite concert moment is another whole concert – the first time I saw Huey Lewis and the News after decades of being a fan. I had been a fan since their album “Sports” in 1983 but I was too young then to go to a concert. Luckily for me, decades later the band still tours every summer. On June 16, 2009, I finally saw them at a small venue, The Community Theatre at Mayo Center for the Performing Arts in Morristown, New Jersey. Since it is a small venue, I probably had better seats than I would have in a bigger arena in the 1980’s. It was exciting to hear Huey play the songs I have always wanted to hear live. My only compliment is the concert was too short – only about 1 ½ hours. They really could’ve played more since they have decades of great songs. After thinking my chance to see Huey Lewis and the News was long gone, I’ve been lucky enough to see them three times in five years.

Guitar Train passengers, what was your favorite concert moment?

Next month is Favorites Month on the Guitar Train.  The Guitar Train will be stopping to examine Quirky T’s all time favorite musicians.


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