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The Guitar Train Looks at the 20th Anniversary of “Benny and Joon”

Benny and Joon DVD

Benny and Joon DVD

Twenty years ago this month, Quirky T skipped out of school early, the nerd way, to see the great movie, “Benny and Joon”, for the second time. For all of you cool kids, the nerd way to skip out of school early was to give the school a legitimate note from your mom giving you permission to leave school early.
It was my birthday and what better way to spend my birthday than to go to a mall, eat a huge Ruben sandwich, and then see Aidan Quinn’s gorgeous blue eyes as Benny in “Benny and Joon”. After seeing the movie for the first time, all my four female friends and I could say was, “Wow, those blue eyes!”
Besides the blue eyes, this is a must see movie for several reasons. Johnny Depp is great as Sam. He does several amazing Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin bits including the always entertaining “roll dance” in the diner which was based on a Charlie Chaplin bit from his movie, “Gold Rush”.

Benny and Joon DVD back cover

Benny and Joon DVD back cover

Mary Stuart Masterson and Julianne Moore are also great in the movie. It was Mary Stuart Masterson’s idea to include music by the Scottish group, The Proclaimers, in the movie. Their song, “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” became a huge hit in the United States. The twin brothers, Charlie and Craig Reid, are still performing today, even in America. Check them out at their website,

Benny and Joon CD

Benny and Joon CD

Besides The Proclaimers’ song, the rest of the Benny and Joon soundtrack is all instrumentals, including Quirky T’s favorite, “Sam’s New Home/Raisins”. I always wondered why two songs that are in the movie were not included in the soundtrack. Those songs are John Hiatt’s “Have A Little Faith in Me” and “Can’t Find My Way Home” written by Steve Winwood and performed by Joe Cocker.
Another reason to watch Benny and Joon is for culinary inspirations. I discovered tapioca pudding because of this film. I also discovered a not as delicious treat – a peanut butter Cap’n Crunch smoothie. I have yet to smash potatoes with a tennis racket or make grilled cheese sandwiches with an iron like Sam did in the movie.
Every year on my birthday (after hearing The Beatles’ “Birthday”), I watch “Benny and Joon”. This year’s viewing will be more significant because it is the 20th anniversary of the movie.
So Guitar Train passengers, get your tapioca pudding and your Cap’n Crunch smoothie ready and watch this great movie. Then tell Quirky T what you thought about it.
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6 thoughts on “The Guitar Train Looks at the 20th Anniversary of “Benny and Joon”

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  2. Forgot Julianne Moore was in this – I enjoyed Depp’s unconventional way of mashing potatoes!

    • She was good in the movie. I would think if you were going to play tennis with the same racket after mashing potatoes, you would need to clean it well so remaining potato bits wouldn’t adversely affect your game. Also, after playing tennis, I think the racket would need a good cleaning to avoid tennis ball flavored mashed potatoes.

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