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Lyrics Look – “Birthday”

birthday cake

birthday cake

May is one of Quirky T’s favorite months. The weather is nice (although it has been too hot in recent years. What happened to the beautiful 50’s and 60’s of spring?) It is also the month of many birthdays of people in my life. Myself, my mom, both grandfathers, a cousin, a niece, another cousin’s children, and numerous friends all have birthdays in May.

The Beatles album

The Beatles album

So this month’s lyrics look will appropriately look at the Beatles’ song, “Birthday”. The group released this song in 1968 on “The Beatles” album (also known as The White Album). Every year, my mom wants this song to be played for her on her birthday which is May 10. Then when my birthday comes on May 26, she sings it to me.

It is just a fun song. Although, I never understood why Paul McCartney sang that it was his birthday, too.   I haven’t met anybody who has the same birthday as me. Or as Paul McCartney (June 18) for that matter. It’s strange to think of it as a modern updating of the traditional “Happy Birthday to You” song since the Beatles song is now 45 years old. On the other track, that isn’t very old considering “Happy Birthday to You” is over 100 years old.

So Quirky T will be rocking to the Beatles’ “Birthday” on her birthday.

Guitar Train passengers, what song do you always want to hear on your birthday? Tell Quirky T and also tell her when your birthday is.

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