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Slowing Down the Guitar Train

The Guitar Train is going to slow down at a musical intersection so Quirky T can list her top 5 favorite slow songs.

I don’t normally listen to slow songs or ballads.  I’m not the mushy, romantic type.  In fact, there are very few slow songs on my iPod.  So coming up with a list of my favorite slow songs, even only five, was hard.  To make it easier, I tried to come up with one song from each of my five favorites.  This automatically eliminated Huey Lewis and the News.  (That’s also another reason I love Huey Lewis  – he does not do slow songs).  So I decided to substitute Barry Manilow for Huey Lewis.  Then I had too many slow songs to choose from!

Here’s Quirky T’s Top 5 Slow Songs From Her Favorites

  1.  The Beatles – “Yes It Is”
  2. Genesis – “Follow You, Follow Me”
  3. Gloria Estefan – “I See Your Smile”
  4. Jon Secada – “Mental Picture”
  5. Barry Manilow – “All the Time”

Guitar Train passengers, do you prefer fast songs or slow songs?  Or does it depend on your mood?  If you like slow songs, which ones are your favorites?  The Guitar Train is slowing down to pick up passengers, so hop aboard and tell Quirky T what you think.

Gate 4

Yankees Stadium

Congratulations to the New York Yankees for being the AL East Champions.  Next stop is Baltimore as the Yankees are driving the train to another World Series.  Go Yanks!!!


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One thought on “Slowing Down the Guitar Train

  1. Most of my slow songs are inspired by a great beat to charge me uphill; You see use the down beat to climb hills in Cycling classes. This makes for a great time. Right now I like : Gotye- Someone that I use to know, Adele-21; Jennifier Lopez- Como Ama Una Mujer, Jason Marz- I won’t give up, Mercy Me-I can only Imagine. I do like older songs but I tend to remember the most recent, please forgive me for that 😉

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