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Unfinished Songs at NFL Games

New York Giants Super Bowl XLVI Champions

Sunday, the New York Giants won another thrilling game.  This time they beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers despite uncalled holding penalties against them, losing three important offensive players to injuries, and a this is not done in the NFL end to the game.

Quirky T has always wondered why during NFL games they never play a complete song.  I understand when they start a song between plays, they have to stop the song once play resumes.  The actual game, after all, is the reason to be at the stadium.  But why can’t they pick up the song where it left off once the play is over?  Some plays are so quick so it wouldn’t be too long a pause in the song.

It would be nice to hear a whole song at a game.  The one song I always heard in its entirety at Giants games was played before the game began.  It’s called “You Get What You Give” by the New Radicals.
Actually, I have only heard this song at Giants games.   Take a look at the lyrics; they are quite interesting.  After seeing the lyrics, I don’t know why this song was chosen to be played at Giants games.

Guitar Train passengers, which songs do you like to hear at NFL games?  Would you like to hear whole songs even in segments?  Or is just a snippet of the beginning of a song good enough for you?  Hop aboard the Guitar Train and tell Quirky T what you think.

As always, all Guitar Train passengers should keep in mind that anything posted on the Guitar Train blog must NOT contain profanity or ethnic, racial, gender, or physical insensitivity.  If you don’t like a musician’s music, only make comments on his or her music, not on his or her looks.  In this case, no derogatory comments about sports teams.  Anyone who violates this will have to disembark at the next stop on the Guitar Train and will not be allowed back on the train.

– This post was conducted by Quirky T exclusively for The Guitar Train.


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