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Quick Stop at Another Summer Concert in The Park by a Beatles Tribute Band

This time Quirky T stopped the Guitar Train for a concert by a Beatles tribute band called Beatlemania Again. Check them out at  They were good in their annual summer in the park performance.  They did the Liverpool accents and wore The Beatles costumes in three phases – Meet the Beatles, Sgt. Pepper, and Get Back.

The song selection was typical of tribute bands except for “Honey Don’t” sung by “Ringo Starr”.  This song is actually a Carl Perkins song covered by The Beatles.  I really like this song, especially when Ringo asks George to play guitar for him.  Then George Harrison rocks on with his guitar.

One song Beatlemania Again performed which Paul McCartney routinely performs in his concerts is “Drive My Car”.  I never understood with the numerous and amazing Beatles songs he has to choose from, why Paul chooses to play this one.  It just seems too silly of a song for him.

Interesting observation on Beatles tribute bands – most of the musicians are in their 50’s or older playing the parts of 20 year olds.  It’s also interesting that The Beatles probably didn’t put much thought into the clothes they wore for the cover of the “Abbey Road” album yet 43 years later, tribute bands replicate those clothes to represent post Sgt. Pepper’s songs.  That’s in addition to finding realistic versions of the ornate Sgt. Pepper outfits.

Guitar Train passengers, tell Quirky T which songs do you wish Beatles tribute bands would perform but don’t?

Which Beatles songs do they perform but you wish they didn’t?

–         This stop was conducted by Quirky T exclusively for the Guitar Train.

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