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Songs That The Guitar Train Will Skip Over

         Have you ever been listening to a CD by your favorite musician or group and you come across a song which you can’t stand to listen to?  You love all their other songs but this one song you have to skip over every time?  You dislike it so much that it would never be on your iPod.    

            Quirky T has a few songs like that, even for her all-time favorite musicians.  For The Beatles, I cannot listen to “Revolution 9” from “The Beatles” album also dubbed “The White Album”.  Other Beatle fans feel the same way about this John Lennon and Yoko Ono collaboration that can barely be called a song.  Along the same track, I don’t like “The Ballad of John and Yoko”.  I’m especially not a fan of the chorus of this song.  

            Being a Phil Collins led Genesis fan, I do not even listen to Genesis songs from when Peter Gabriel was in the band.  The one non-Genesis Phil Collins song that I have never liked is his duet with Philip Bailey from Earth, Wind, & Fire called “Easy Lover”.  It’s high pitched and silly.

            Gloria Estefan’s 1998 wonderful dance CD, “gloria!”, is my all-time favorite Gloria Estefan CD.  Yet, whenever I listened to it, I would always skip over the song “Cuba Libre”.  This was hard to do in time since the songs on this CD flow into each other so seamlessly that the beginning of a new song is actually at the end of the previous song.  Also, the song before “Cuba Libre” is one of my favorite Gloria Estefan’s songs, “I Just Wanna Be Happy”.  Quirkily enough, I had no problem listening to “Cuba Libre” in Spanish which appears several tracks later on the CD.  It is probably the same principle as when I’m on a noisy train, I would rather the other passengers speak a foreign language so I cannot understand the stupid, annoying things they may be saying.  Not that “Cuba Libre” is a stupid or annoying song.  In fact, in listening to it again in preparing this post, I wondered why I ever skipped it.  There’s nothing bothersome about the song either in the music or the lyrics.  Now, it brings back memories of listening to it at the 1998 parade in Union City, NJ for the then New York Yankees pitcher Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez.  The song is especially pertinent to him and Gloria Estefan since they are both Cuban refugees.

            I discovered a similar non-dislike of several Huey Lewis and the News songs that I had thought I never liked such as “Small World” and “Cruisin’”.  Upon recently re-listening to them, they did not bother me at all.  One song that always stuck out to me was “Cruisin’”, Huey’s 2000 duet with Gwyneth Paltrow.  When it first came out, I actually did not realize that it was Huey Lewis singing.  I thought the female was the accomplished singer and the male was the first timer.  Obviously, I was wrong.  I wonder if re-watching “Duets”, the movie that song is from, will change my mind about how bad I thought that movie was. 

            The Barry Manilow song that I always skip is “Ships” from his 1978 album, “One Voice”.  I always found it a slow, corny song and never got into it.

            To end this cranky post on a positive note, I couldn’t think of a Jon Secada song which I always skipped.

          So passengers, what do you think?  They are your favorite musicians but which songs of theirs do you always skip and avoid listening to and why?  Tell Quirky T.

            As always, all Guitar Train passengers should keep in mind that anything posted on the Guitar Train blog must NOT contain profanity or ethnic, racial, gender, or physical insensitivity.  Even in a negative post like this one, if you don’t like a musician’s music, only make comments on his or her music, not on his or her looks.  Anyone who violates this will have to disembark at the next stop on the Guitar Train and will not be allowed back on the train.

 – This post was conducted by Quirky T exclusively for The Guitar Train.


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