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The Guitar Train stops at Abbey Road (kind of) and sees The Beatles in Concert (sort of)

The Beatles' Abbey Road

The Beatles’ Abbey Road

         Quirky T rode the Guitar Train to a special exhibit at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in New York City.  This limited time exhibit has the waxed Beatles posed in the iconic cover of the “Abbey Road” album.

       The whole museum is great but this special room devoted to The Beatles with Beatles music playing was the definite highlight.  Visitors politely waited their turn to pose with The Beatles on the crosswalk.  Hopefully, the young kids there know who The Beatles are and their importance to music and life.

wax Abbey Road

The Beatles’ Abbey Road in wax

          There were only a few differences between the waxed version and the original album cover.  The album’s backdrop of 1960’s Abbey Road in London was replaced by a modern day Abbey Road.

       The waxed Paul McCartney is wearing sandals instead of being barefoot as he was in the original photo.  His being barefoot fueled the Paul is Dead rumors of the time as did the clothes and positioning of the other Beatles.  Perhaps the sandals were added at Madame Tussauds as a way to anchor wax Paul to the ground.  The figures did sway a bit after visitors stood between them to have their photos taken.  Also, wax Paul is not holding a cigarette.

Abbey Road from behind

Abbey Road from behind

Wax George Harrison was realistic except for the red plastic Mardi Gras like beads around his neck.  Maybe they were a souvenir left by a fan.  An amazing feature of this excellent exhibit was the ability to see the album cover from other angles. 

Abbey Road from the front

Abbey Road from the front

          This exhibit brought Quirky T’s memory train back to when she was at the actual Abbey Road in London.  As Beatle fans know, the crosswalk photographed on the cover is near the Abbey Road studio in London where The Beatles recorded their songs.  The low white wall in front of the studio is filled with messages and drawings left by Beatles fans.  Once the wall is completely covered, it is painted over to give Beatlemaniacs a fresh canvas to express their love for The Beatles. 

       Of course, Quirky T had to have her photo taken walking across the now forever famous crosswalk.  It was amazing to be where The Beatles were.  Standing between wax Paul and wax Ringo Starr is the closest Quirky T will ever get to those living legends.  This exhibit will be at  Madame Tussauds Wax Museum until September 5, so make sure you stop by while it’s there.

The Mahoney Brothers as The Beatles

The Mahoney Brothers as The Beatles

         Quirky T’s very next stop on the Guitar Train was an unexpected stop.  A 45   minute wait between trains made her decide to leave the station and walk outside to a quaint suburban town.  The sound of “Yellow Submarine” lured her to a park where a Beatles cover band, The Mahoney Brothers, was performing.  About a hundred people enjoyed this great band who played their parts well complete with Liverpool accents and Sgt. Peppers’ costumes.  Hopefully, by osmosis, these great songs were absorbed by the young kids playing with beach balls during the concert.

            Fifty years later and The Beatles are still going strong in several forms.  It is the way it should be.

       Hop aboard the Guitar Train and tell Quirky T if you have been to the real Abbey Road and posed on the crosswalk.  If you like, you can even post on the Guitar train blog the photo of yourself in Beatles pose.

        Also, who is your favorite Beatles cover band and why?  Do they dress the part and have the correct accent?  If you close your eyes and listen to them, would you feel like you were hearing the real band?

        As always, all Guitar Train passengers should keep in mind that anything posted on the Guitar Train blog must NOT contain profanity or ethnic, racial, gender, or physical insensitivity.  If you don’t like a musician’s music, only make comments on his or her music, not on his or her looks.  Anyone who violates this will have to disembark at the next stop on the Guitar Train and will not be allowed back on the train.


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