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The Big Three and the Next Two


The Beatles

The Beatles







           The Big Three is how I refer to my three all-time favorite musicians/groups.  They are The Beatles, Genesis (with the subdivision of Phil Collins), and Gloria Estefan.  I will listen to anything they sing.  I have seen them all in concert many times, except of course, The Beatles.  But I have heard Beatles songs sung by Paul McCartney at his concerts. 

Gloria Estefan


  These musicians may not seem to have much in common (besides the members of The Beatles and Genesis being British) but they all embody what I look for in musicians.  They write (or wrote) their own songs, play(ed) instruments, and actually sing.  It’s a sad state of music that singing isn’t a prerequisite to achieving success or even being called a singer!

       The next two are the musicians that I love but not as much as The Big Three.  I have not heard all their songs or paid as much attention to their personal lives and musical journeys as I have The Big Three.  The next two are Huey Lewis and the News and Jon Secada.  I have also seen both of them in concert.

Huey Lewis and The News

Jon Secada

        All of these five musicians or groups have been part of my life for decades.  I’ve made it through hard times in my life because of their music.  Their songs truly are the soundtrack of my life.  I will go more in-depth about their specific influence on me in future postings.



Hop on The Guitar Train and tell Quirky T who your all-time favorite musicians/groups are and why.

 – This post was conducted by Quirky T exclusively for The Guitar Train.


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